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Solidarity Coffee Camp 2017 is a new project of volunteering in El Salvador, with activities of knowledge and meeting with local communities both in cities and favelas, and in Honduras, working in a finca with a solidarity cooperative that creates networks between farmers for their future prospects and to improve the production of quality coffee to re-establish in the market.

  • Topic:  volunteering in a solidarity project, intercultural exchange, support in educational and future-building projects
  • Start of the project: July 12th, 2017
  • End of the project: July 22nd, 2017
  • Target group: young people from all over Europe
  • Age of participants: no limits but mainly young people
  • Countries/regions: Solidarity Coffee Camp takes place in El Salvador and in Honduras
  • Conditions: Interest in intercultural dialogue and developing future perspectives in Central America, disposition to collaborate in a coffee cooperative
  • Financing: Participants bear their own costs of participation. Logistics and coordination are organized by Starkmacher e.V.
  • Deadlines for application:  May 30th, 2017



  • El Salvador
    21% of the population of the country are illiterate and the infant mortality rate is among the highest in Latin America.
    Starkmacher e.V. with its local partners is interested in starting projects with the aim of addressing the country’s social needs.
  • Honduras
    15% of the country’s land is used for agricultural cultivation.
    One of the country’s biggest sources of income is coffee production.
    Caffè Capucas is a cooperative of 1000 farmers who have come together to face multinational coffee production while maintaining sustainable production standards for farmers themselves.

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  • Starkmacher e.V. is convinced that inside of every person there is treasure, something valuable – we want to make that visible and useful for our society. In doing so we work together with partners from various areas of living and working and benefit from knowledge transfer, established infrastructures and many interesting contacts, which continually create new perspectives for the implementation thereof.
  • Non Dalla Guerra is a project, an idea, a dream. The commitment is to raise funds in order to support Caritas Jordan projects in favor of the education of young refugee. It collaborates with organizations of the territory to raise awareness in the Italian, European and world population through the testimony of the young people involved in the experiences in Jordan and through the realization of a documentary as an instrument to make heard the voice of those who are not listened.

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Published on: 24 aprile
Posted by: Matteo Mabilia

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