Jordan 2020 – “Here and back again”

Non Dalla Guerra offers the opportunity to participate in a volunteering programme organised in collaboration with Caritas Jordan, which aims to raise awareness and inform on issues such as:
• the situation of refugees in Jordan
• refugees’ reception
integration, meeting and dialogue processes


The volunteering programme is realised in collaboration with Caritas Jordan, a non-governmental organisation that today counts more than 2000 volunteers and 400 employees in the country. Thanks to its deep roots in the territory and to its vast experience in the humanitarian support sector, Caritas is one of the few organisations that can work in the whole Jordanian territory.


Among the objectives of the summer volunteering programme there is the desire to create a link between the youth of our territories and Jordan, generating a cultural dialogue that allows us to break down the prejudices and the distance that divides us.

The activities that we offer every summer are divided into:


Activities with Iraqi and Syrian refugee children and with Jordanian children

Participants will attend:
• the informal school projects that Caritas Jordan offers (Summer School Projects)
recreational activities organised in the parishes of the city where the volunteering programme will be held, in collaboration with the Caritas reference Centre

The activity consists in organising recreational activities for the children, and supporting teachers during the school hours of the Summer School.


Field visits with Syrian and Iraqi families

The field visits consist in moments of encounter and dialogue with Syrian and Iraqi families in their homes. In Jordan, refugee communities live in the suburbs, often divided from the local community and in situations of extreme difficulty and vulnerability. The participants, accompanied by the cultural mediators of Caritas Jordan, will meet some families and will have the opportunity to listen their stories, hopes and wishes, and spend time together.


Relations with the hosting community

The relations and the encounters with the local community are fundamental for our volunteer programme. The participants, together with their group leaders, will engage in building relations with the local host community through moments of sharing and knowledge of a culture different from their own.


Tourist visits and sightseeing

On free days (Friday and Sunday), we will have sightseeing and tourist visits to the main places of interest. Jordan is not only a country characterised by its hospitality, but also by its rich historical and cultural heritage.


N.B: Activities with children, tourist visits and the general organisation of the volunteer programme might change depending on the city we’ll stay in.

The volunteer programme is divided into 3 different periods of time of 15 days each:


First shift: 18 July – 1 August 2020
Second shift: August 8 – August 22, 2020
Third shift: 22 August – 5 September 2020

The dates mentioned here include travel days.


Age for participation: 18 – 30 years.


The volunteer programme is aimed only at members of Non Dalla Guerra. Once selected, the participant will be required to enrol in the association.

The experience will take place in the cities of Jordan where Caritas Centres are located.


The costs are borne by the participant. To receive more information write an email to:

The application process is available exclusively online through the following google form.


Applications are accepted no later than March 29, 2020. Applications received after the deadline will be taken into consideration only in case of withdrawals of other participants.


After completing the application form, applicants will receive an automatic email with a summary of the data sent.


Within 7 working days, a member of the association will contact the candidate for the selection interview which will be held via Skype.


Once the interview has taken place, the candidate will receive the result of the selection within 15 days.


If the outcome of the selection process is positive, the candidate is required to enrol in the association and to pay the deposit confirming participation in the volunteer programme (€ 25 as enrolment in the association & € 125 as a deposit).


The confirmation of the participation will be assured only with the payment of the fees within the established dates and times, which will be communicated during the Skype interview and in the participation contract that every participant is required to sign.


We remind you that it is mandatory and strictly necessary that your passport is valid up to six months after the return date!

The training before the volunteering programme consists in analysing in-depth the geopolitical situation that you will meet in Jordan. The training will also focus on technical factors and practical tools necessary to coexist in situations of cultural diversity.


The mandatory training for participation in volunteering programme is set for Monday 20 April 2020 at 20:30 (Italian time) via Skype or Webinar.

The Skype or Webinar training meeting(s) are exclusively reserved for those candidates who don’t live in Italy.


Failure to participate in the mandatory training entails the immediate withdrawal from the participation to the volunteering programme.


This initial mandatory training will be followed by two other training meetings via Skype or Webinar.

The first online training will be held on Saturday 23 May at 17:00 (Italian time) where we will address the socio-cultural and religious aspects of Jordan and the MENA region.

The second online training will be held on Saturday 13 June at 17:00 (Italian time) where we will deepen socio-political issues in the geographical area of ​​Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

During the volunteering programme, the participants will be accompanied by Non Dalla Guerra Group Leaders, who will be the organisers in collaboration with Caritas Jordan operators.


They will be responsible for managing the activities and the general management of the experience.

A fundamental reason that drives us every year to organise volunteering programmes in Jordan is the need to be a voice on behalf of the people we meet and to tell their experiences and life stories once we are back in our home country.


A testimony to our community of what was the experience lived is part of the experience itself, an experience that does not stop when we go back home.


After the experience, each participant or group will be asked to organise a presentation meeting, and events of testimony of their experience in Jordan, thus becoming direct testimonies of the reality encountered.